Jared of HostDime talks Blog Inspiration


Blog inspiration is a tricky subject and many people may experience writers block. Jared and Vikki talk about how to avoid that, and keep up with the ever changing world of blogging.


Hi everyone and welcome back to the HostDime channel. Today I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our marketing team “Jared”. He is our technology writer, and the main purpose of his job is to make sure that we are putting out quality content in our blog and throughout our website. Hi everyone. Glad you are here. Thankyou for having me. We have a lot of customers that blog, and one of the biggest questions that we get asked is “where do you draw your inspiration from?”. I know that web hosting as well as many other different types of industries, they have trouble coming up with new ideas. Can you give us a little bit of an idea of where you get your inspiration from? Sure, I mean you can get inspiration from anything right? For me, its researching the topic that I am most interested in, but you can get it from looking at news and dissecting it, checking out trends on twitter, even predicting trends, from anywhere, just be excited with what you are doing. Ok, and I know that we try to post a lot of content that is relevant to our readers, therefore we try and stay in the web hosting space. Do you ever have trouble trying to find new items to do within the web hosting space, or is that easier for you to do? When you are trying to think of a topic, you have to think is it relevant is it topical, is it personable, and is it useful. Just start writing and if all four of those meet the criteria (write a blog). So I have to ask you on a personal note, are you one of those people that get an idea in the middle of the night and you jump up out of bed and write things down, or you are driving in traffic and you pull over and put something on your phone. Are you that person? Yea I have notes and notes and notes on my iphone. Alright so that’s just one of those keys to being a creative person in general? Right. Perfect. Well thank you everybody for taking a few moments with Jared and I. We thank you for stopping by the HostDime channel and we hope to see you soon.

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