Java, meet Node. Node, meet Java.

Java, meet Node. Node, meet Java. Consider this a fictionalized version of how IBM met StrongLoop, and StrongLoop met IBM. Find out more at:

Two self-assured Java developers, who have coined themselves “Java Dudes,” struggle to remain calm when they find themselves stuck in an elevator with, Naomi, a Node developer. In these close quarters, the Java Dudes have no choice but to make conversation with Node.

In this video, Node and Java test each other’s choice in programming styles and languages. Naomi questions why these Java Dudes aren’t using Node.js. seeing how “most modern web development needs the entire codepath to non-blocking and async, not just the IO layer.” When Node Girl and the Java Dudes are finally rescued from the elevator, the traumatic experience leads them to find common ground; opening the door for collaboration and sharing a quest for glory at the upcoming Hackathon.

Java and Node.js create the ideal team to capitalize on the API economy and bring apps to new heights. Are your apps trapped?
And stay tuned…will the Java Dudes really work with Node Girl as they embark on their new quest? Find out in the next series.

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Duration: 3:14
Publisher: IBMcloud
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