Jelastic Cloud Scripting Launched to Automate Managed Hosting Services

Cloud PaaS for hosting business and internal development processes, Jelastic, has announced the release of its Cloud Scripting solution for automating frequent tasks, complex CI/CD flows and clustering configurations. This new solution would help service providers make the complex things easy for end customers, hence, increase the added value to their managed hosting services.

Cloud Scripting would significantly reduce the implementation cost of managed hosting services as most of the flows become automated and do not need permanent involvement of an experienced technical team. Service providers can automate environment provisioning, applications deployment, clustering, scaling, management and multi-service interconnections for a wide range of customers by “simply” scripting the required application blueprints.

jelastic cloud“Cloud Scripting transforms available infrastructure and collected expertise into automated managed hosting services by providing customers with pre-configured application lifecycle flows, investing minimum efforts and resources into repetitive tasks,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and co-founder of Jelastic.

At the same time, Cloud Scripting would allow to extend the functionality of the platform itself by easily integrating with 3rd party cloud tools and services (SSL, CDN, DDoS Protection, GitHub, New Relic, SendGrid, Plesk, cPanel, Galera Cluster, etc.) using external APIs and custom scripts.

Jelastic Cloud Scripting is designed to program the cloud platform behavior throughout applications lifecycle and accomplishing a set of scenarios as follows:

  • Provisioning of clustered environment topologies from simple blueprints
  • One click deploy with “zero downtime” re-deployment
  • Multi-region and multi-cloud deployment scenarios
  • Automating scaling up and down, in and out
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Automating management of Docker containers
  • Health checking and alerting about application issues
  • Automated data replication, backup and disaster recovery
  • Custom integration with 3d party services and tools
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