Jelastic PaaS Doubles CPU Power for All Its Cloud Computing Environments

CPU power for all Jelastic cloud hosting environments have been doubled while the price for the resource unit stays the same. Each Jelastic cloudlet (dynamic and reserved) now has 2x more CPU power than before. A new Jelastic cloudlet size equals to 128 MiB RAM and 400 MHz of CPU.

Jelastic is a DevOps PaaS and CaaS for business that can be deployed on bare metal hardware or any IaaS. The platform provides certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to use custom Docker containers. The enhanced CPU power would significantly speed up the cloud applications that intensively use CPU.

jelastic cloud“We’ve decided to provide such bonus for developers after a deeper research of their applications needs,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic. “The increased cloudlet power makes Jelastic even more high performing and affordable. From now end users get twice more CPU resources and their invoices remain unchanged.”

All changes are applied automatically to the existing and newly created Jelastic cloud environments, so no manual steps are required to take advantage of these new extra-performance cloudlets.

“Many web applications are not obviously CPU heavy, and therefore we found that customers would deploy them with quite minimal cloudlet limits,” said Damien Ransome, Service Director of Layershift, a Jelastic Platinum partner offering service from the UK and US. “Our tests revealed that increasing the peak CPU power often provides a substantial performance benefit. As we only charge for average CPU consumption over an hour, this throttling effect was not necessarily apparent to our customers – but just because you CAN run something on a slow CPU does not mean that you SHOULD. Doubling the CPU power offered per cloudlet ensures that all of our customers now benefit from this extra performance boost by default, and at no additional cost.”