Jelastic Releases Version 3.3 of Its Platform, Launches Hybrid Cloud Solution Alongside Public and Private

Jelastic, Inc., the cloud company that provides a platform for container orchestration with entire freedom of choice from technology to vendor, has launched the new 3.3 version of the platform, aptly named “Trinity” to represent the union of three cloud options supported from this release.

With multi-region support within different data centers and clouds, Jelastic now officially offers a Hybrid Cloud solution alongside Public and Private. The intended outcome is the ability to distribute various companies’ workloads in a variety of regions, within one Hybrid Cloud.

cloud-hosting-jelasticThe basic premise of the multi-region feature is in the provided ability to use various types of hardware, any IaaS or cloud hosting services, either due to variety of parameters or distant geographical location. It would produce the biggest benefits for hosting service providers, systems integrators and enterprises by allowing them to:

  • Conquer a new market or cooperate with various hosting providers from different countries by creating a region in a remote location
  • Significantly improve the response time for users closer to the data center, providing geo distribution of applications/data
  • Keep sensitive data on a more expensive private cloud and insensitive data/apps can be stored on a lower-priced public cloud
  • Use additional regions from external clouds in case of temporary burst, with no need to invest in hardware for variable loads
  • Reach lower TCO and higher ROI by providing a combination of regions with hardware of different capacity – critical workloads can be hosted on stable, security-enhanced and as a result, more expensive clouds. Non critical workloads can be hosted on cheaper inferior clouds
  • Gain disaster recovery and high availability across multiple data centers
  • Implement complex access policies and manage hardware usage permissions, for example, providing separate regions for particular team groups like coders, QA, ops that are involved in DevOps workflows, as well as creating dedicated regions for important customers
  • Provide the ability to add cloud resources from public clouds like Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud and AWS

Simultaneously, end users and developers would be able to benefit from the following possibilities:

  • Choose between higher quality or more cost affordable hardware
  • Easily relocate the projects to the superior hardware with the help of environment migration
  • Host applications in a trusted local data center of the preferable hosting service provider
  • Achieve higher availability through geo-distribution by locating the applications on several data centers around the world

Today, Jelastic is available as a public cloud solution via 36 cloud hosting service providers across the world. A seamless Hybrid Cloud integration with the help of the multi-region feature would be advantageous for these partners who have their own data centers, but want to offer cloud hosting services from several locations for their customers. It would also be ideal if they have customers with temporary needs for a large burst during the load spikes and they do not want to invest in extra hardware.

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