JethroData Announces Private Beta Program of Its Index-Based SQL Engine for Hadoop

JethroData, a San Jose, California-based provider of SQL on Hadoop, has released its SQL-on-Hadoop product for private beta. JethroData’s unique indexing technology would be a good fit for real-time dashboards, interactive ad-hoc queries and reporting. The solution is noninvasive and requires no installation on cluster nodes.

hadoop-analyticsJethroData’s indexing technology works by fully indexing select datasets on HDFS – every column is indexed. This Index architecture lets JethroData queries access only the data they need, replacing methods and products that run lengthy full-scan of the entire datasets. This would enable high performance and scalability, and significantly reduce computing resource consumption.

“Until today, customers using Hadoop benefited from its great scalability but had to sacrifice query performance,” said Eli Singer, JethroData’s Co-Founder and CEO. “In our early customer tests, we were pleased to see that our architecture was able to deliver the query speed that we were aiming for. We are very excited to announce our private beta program, inviting more customers to try it as well.”

Key features of JethroData’s SQL on Hadoop:

  • Every column is indexed – JethroData indexes every column. Queries use the index to read only the data they need instead of costly full-scans.
  • Compatible with BI and Reporting tools – JethroData supports standard SQL and would easily integrate with BI tools using JDBC/ODBC.
  • Fast and Easy Install – JethroData can be added to an existing Hadoop cluster. It is noninvasive and requires no installation on cluster nodes. With simple install on a dedicated server connecting to the Hadoop cluster via standard HDFS client, customers can load data and start querying within minutes.
  • Scalability and High-Availability – JethroData’s Query Nodes are stateless and highly elastic, allowing easy scale-out to meet concurrency requirements. Its index and column files are stored as standard HDFS files and benefit from native Hadoop scalability and high availability.

Backed by leading VC’s, JethroData was founded by a team of entrepreneurs with successful startup experience. JethroData’s index-based SQL engine for Hadoop delivers fast analytics on Hadoop, enabling ad-hoc queries, live dashboards and interactive BI. JethroData is headquartered in NYC with its R&D facilities in Israel.

To Sign up for JethroData Private Beta, please go to

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