Joint Internap-Aerospike Big Data Platform Offers ‘Fast’ Solution for Analyzing Terabytes of Data

cloud-servers-big-data-hostingIaaS hosting provider Internap and NoSQL database provider Aerospike have created a ‘fast big data’ platform by offering Aerospike’s flash-optimized NoSQL database on Internap’s AgileSERVER bare-metal cloud.

The joint Internap-Aerospike ‘fast big data’ solution combines Internap’s high-performance bare-metal cloud servers – which are claimed to deliver up to eight times better server performance over virtualized alternatives – with a pre-configured installation of Aerospike’s flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL database. Built atop best-of-breed hardware, including high-end solid-state drives (SSDs) and direct attached storage, the scalable, turnkey solution processes and delivers massive amounts of data within milliseconds.

For use cases requiring high-bandwidth network connectivity among clustered servers, 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the server is available as an optional add-on.

The combined big data solution would enable developers to quickly deploy applications that demand predictable, high performance in a cost-effective hosted environment. It would cater to the needs of customers in a range of industries who are empowered to make better decisions, faster, by ingesting, storing and analyzing terabytes of data from billions of transactions.

Experiences Big Data provider eXelate

One of the early customers to benefit from the joint Internap-Aerospike solution is eXelate, a big data provider that powers digital marketing decisions worldwide for agencies, platforms, and publishers. eXelate runs Aerospike databases on Internap bare-metal cloud servers with direct attached SSDs in four Internap data centers around the world. Data is synchronized across Internap’s high-bandwidth networks via Aerospike cross-data center replication.

The Aerospike-Internap combination would enables eXelate to provide its customers with 8,000 distinct segments of demographic, behavioral and purchase intent data on more than 700 million consumers within strict, 100-millisecond service-level agreements (SLAs).

“As a global big data provider delivering insights that enable digital advertisers to make smarter marketing decisions, we sought a real-time, low-latency cloud platform and a NoSQL database that could deliver reliable data across our global footprint at a reasonable cost to meet massive scale demands of between six to seven billion events per day,” said Elad Efraim, chief technology officer and co-founder, eXelate. “Combining the cost-effective, high performance of Internap’s bare-metal cloud and Aerospike’s NoSQL database, we were able to accomplish programmatic scaling of our infrastructure to support one trillion real-time data transactions monthly for more than 200 marketers and publishers worldwide.”

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