Joyent Adds Ubuntu To its Cloud Hosting Platform

Joyent, a provider of high-performance cloud hosting infrastructure and data analytics from San Francisco, has partnered with Canonical to provide customers with high performance, optimized and fully supported Ubuntu server images in the Joyent Cloud.

cloud-hosting-joyentTogether, Joyent and Canonical will enable developers and enterprises to create next generation mobile, big data and high-performance applications on Ubuntu, the cloud operating system, and Joyent’s OS-Virtualized cloud hosting platform.

Joyent customers will have access to Ubuntu server images as well as a powerful cloud deployment, orchestration, and management suite. Customers can be assured that wherever they choose to deploy Ubuntu – in a private cloud hosting deployment or in the high-performance Joyent Cloud – they are fully backed and supported across Canonical and Joyent technologies.

Enhanced Support for Ubuntu

Canonical has enhanced Ubuntu to take advantage of capabilities provided by Joyent’s cloud hosting platform, such as an advanced security and authentication model as well as providing tools for faster initialization and configuration of the latest cloud images. Other benefits include the ability to customize disk layout, formatting, and encryption all customized for the user at image provision time.

For clients that also want to ensure that they have options for enterprise or mission critical support, Joyent will provide Canonical-backed Enhanced Support options for Ubuntu. This gives customers a single vendor for all support needs when hosting on Joyent and taking advantage of the add-on support option.