Juniper Networks Announces Expanded Data Center Portfolio for Multi-Cloud Environments

Data center and network solutions vendor, Juniper Networks, has introduced an expanded portfolio of offerings that would bring businesses closer to a highly secured and fully automated multi-cloud environment.

To eliminate roadblocks that could prevent enterprises from realizing the multi-cloud promise, end-to-end security and automation must be integrated throughout all places in the network, stated Juniper Networks.

“For multi-cloud to yield meaningful improvements in enterprise IT, the boundaries that have historically existed between the various places in the network have to come crumbling down,’ said Michael Bushong, vice president of enterprise and cloud at Juniper Networks. “That requires end-to-end security and automated operations across the data center, campus, branch and public cloud. We are bringing the full force of our engineering teams in a bid to simplify networking so that enterprises can migrate from legacy to multi-cloud ready and eventually to full multi-cloud architectures.”

For organizations that are refreshing, expanding or consolidating data centers to prepare their IT environments for a secured and automated multi-cloud, Juniper Networks is introducing new data center solutions, including:

Data Center

  • Universal switch for data center spine, data center edge and DCI – The new QFX10002-60C switch can be flexibly used as a spine or an edge device for data center interconnect (DCI). It features 60×100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) deep-buffer interfaces. Juniper is also adding the QFX5210-64C, a 64x100GbE port spine switch, and the QFX5200-48Y, a 48x25GbE top-of-rack switch, to its portfolio.
  • Secured workload transitions with new line cards – The QFX MACsec line card addition to the QFX10000 modular switches provides 30-port 100GbE connectivity for encrypted traffic in and between data centers.

Campus Networks

Recognizing that campus networks will play an integral role in multi-cloud security and operations, Juniper Networks is expanding its campus networks portfolio to include the following solutions:

  • Simplified campus management with a single point of control – Juniper Sky Enterprise is a cloud management service that enables operators to deploy, configure and manage switching and security devices, reducing change errors by up to 90 percent. With an intuitive and easy-to-use web dashboard, managing campus and branch networks would be made simpler. Sky Enterprise also gives network operators visibility into wireless access points using Aerohive Hive Manager NG API integration.
  • Multigig and compact core switches – The new EX2300 and EX4300 switches bring multigig interfaces to Juniper’s campus portfolio. The EX4300 multi-gig switch supports POE++ for new applications and MACsec to enable a secure on-ramp to the cloud. TheEX9250 switch is a compact campus core that gives enterprises multiple fabric options by supporting both Junos Fusion and EVPN-VXLAN.

Branch Approach

Juniper’s branch approach supports a diverse set of software functions, while enabling applications and security control that would be in sync with the rest of the network. Juniper Networks’ extended branch portfolio would prepare the branch for multi-cloud with the following offerings:

  • New network services platform with wireless connectivity – Juniper’s new NFX150 Network Services Platform combines native branch security and hybrid WAN functionality with wireless 4G and LTE connectivity between branches. Built as an extensible platform, it can run third-party virtual network functions (VNFs).
  • Contrail SD-WAN with new subscription-based pricing – Juniper’s Contrail SD-WAN solution bundles the SRX Series Services Gateway and the NFX Series with the platform and orchestration software required for multi-cloud ready SD-WAN. New subscription pricing bundles provide several physical and virtual endpoint options with secure SD-WAN management.

Public Cloud

To securely facilitate the migration of on-premises workloads to the public cloud, Juniper is offering a secured and automated way of establishing connectivity to and within public clouds.

  • Secure connectivity to public cloud – Juniper Networks’ secured cloud connectivity solution combines onboarding services with virtual products (vSRX Virtual Firewall or vMX Virtual Router) available in AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure to automate the setup of secure IPsec connectivity between data center, campus and branch networks and virtual private clouds (VPCs). The solution would give enterprises operational choice with options that include CloudFormation, TerraForm or Ansible playbooks.

All new offerings announced today are powered by the Juniper Networks Junos operating system, providing users the telemetry, secured programming interfaces and operational tools required to automate across multiple places in the network.

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