Juniper Networks Introduces Its ‘Cloud-Enabled Branch’ to Deliver On-Demand Cloud Services

Networking solutions supplier, Juniper Networks, has announced Juniper Networks Cloud-Enabled Branch – a transformative solution that would allow enterprises and managed service providers alike to seamlessly create and automate delivery of branch office networking services on-demand.

As part of Juniper Networks Unite, an agile enterprise cloud architecture, the new solution suite would help companies accelerate deployment of real-time services and applications, including SD-WAN functionality, across branch locations incorporating network automation, zero touch provisioning and an open platform. The suite includes security capabilities to proactively identify and intelligently respond to threats and enforce polices across all branch locations.

A cloud-enabled branch would transform enterprise operations with new services and applications that are dynamically delivered through software automation, applications and an open platform for third-party services. This platform approach would ensure that enterprises can always have the new capabilities their business needs via rapid software deployments rather than requiring time-consuming hardware rollouts.

juniper networksWith Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch solution, distributed businesses would be able to deploy a branch on-demand, including SD-WAN functionality and advanced premises-based and cloud-delivered security capabilities. This would provide the ability to deliver a consistent and secure user experience across all branch locations.

The SD-WAN functionality is expected to enable enterprises to reduce costs by utilizing various network links as appropriate for different business applications, without jeopardizing the reliability and quality of the services. The Cloud-Enabled Branch offers centralized automation and orchestration across all locations, delivering network services from the data center or locally on the Juniper Networks NFX250 and Juniper Networks SRX300.

Beyond SD-WAN, multiple network services from Juniper Networks and third parties can be delivered on the NFX250, which integrates compute resources with networking capabilities and can include advanced security with Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention as part of Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network.

“Given the significant, ongoing transition to cloud-based applications and services, enterprise IT is under pressure to cost-effectively deliver new capabilities and services to the branch and the WAN, especially in highly distributed enterprises,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure, IDC. “With the expansion of Juniper’s vision of the Cloud-Enabled Branch, and with a strong heritage in secure routing, it is well positioned to service the growing aspirations of enterprises wanting to more efficiently manage application delivery to their branch offices, all while driving down costly WAN overhead expenses. This roadmap is synergistically aligned with IDC’s view that branch/WAN architectures will ultimately benefit from cloud-managed platforms to centrally manage and secure IT assets and applications at scale.”

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