Juniper Networks Offers SASE Application with Security Director Cloud

Juniper Networks has stated that the company is going to continue its investment in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market with the unveiling of Juniper Security Director Cloud, a cloud-based portal dedicated to distributing security and connectivity services to users, sites, and applications.

It would also help in the management of customers’ SASE transformations. Technology disruptors like 5G along with an increasingly distributed workforce are changing the working of organizations on the basis of business and architecture of their networks. According to Juniper, cloud service providers (CSPs) as well as enterprises are shifting from monolithic centralized data center architectures to SASE; decentralized architectures that bring services closer to end-users around the globe.

Photo VP of Security Business and Strategy at Juniper Networks, Samantha Madrid
VP of Security Business and Strategy at Juniper Networks, Samantha Madrid, said that with the help of Security Director Cloud, the organization is able to meet customers where they are as they transition to a SASE architecture.

Juniper Security Director Cloud links organizations’ current security deployments with their future SASE rollouts by offering security that is managed everywhere and anywhere, including cloud and on-premises too.

VP of Security Business and Strategy at Juniper Networks, Samantha Madrid, said that Juniper is devoted as an organization to move into the SASE market with a brilliant management experience by putting the customers and their teams at first priority. She further said that with the help of Security Director Cloud, organizations are able to meet customers where they are as they transition to a SASE architecture by providing security and networking services from the cloud to users, sites and applications all over the globe.

Benefits of The Service

  • Visibility into threat behaviors over the complete network with Security Director Insights – Security Director Cloud features correlated visibility into attacks over the network by including the threat detection information with detections from other vendors’ products into an attack timeline, and it lets one-touch mitigation to instantly identify any gaps in the defense system.
  • Unified policies over physical, virtual, and cloud-based security – Customers can create security policies including user and application-based access, anti-malware, IPS, and web security policies. These security policies will follow users, applications, or devices as they move to a new location, and automatically apply on them. This unified policy construct across traditional and cloud delivered security vehicles would minimize operational overhead otherwise required to reconstruct policies from one platform to another and it would also reduce attack vectors inadvertently created by human error.
  • Experience-led management to facilitate network transformation – Security Director Cloud provides a transformational management experience that would reduce overhead that is inherent in architectural shifts and distributed security delivery. It comes with “zero-touch provisioning and intuitive configuration” wizards for secured connectivity, content security and advanced threat prevention for cloud based and on-premises security policy. Along with that, multi-directional sync between cloud-hosted and on-premises management and individual firewalls delivers a cohesive management experience with a smooth and secured shift to SASE architecture.
  • Validated security effectiveness – Juniper offers cyberattack protection that has been validated by objective, third-party testing. According to Juniper, it shows an efficiency rate of more than 99% against network and application exploits, IoT botnets, new and commodity malware, and other attacking methods targeted at the edge and in the data center. The service is claimed to have 100% effectiveness with zero false positives in ICSA Labs’ Advanced Threat Defense test in Q4 of 2020. Security Director Cloud would deliver policies empowered with these proven threat prevention technologies, ensuring instant access to applications and consistent security enforcements.