Juniper Networks Shares its Source Code Library, Fostering Innovation in SDN

OpenContrail is a new initiative from Juniper Networks that makes the source code library for Juniper Networks® Contrail available through an open source license. OpenContrail is an open source project committed to fostering innovation in software defined networking (SDN) and helping drive adoption of the cloud.

juniper-networksBy making OpenContrail freely available, ISPs and enterprises can now rapidly test and build SDNs that fit their unique needs and accelerates the move from lab environments to full scale production. OpenContrail is based on proven and stable network protocols, giving developers the opportunity to innovate, adopt and experiment with SDN technology that would seamlessly integrate with existing network infrastructures.

Juniper Networks firmly believes that open source and open standards lead the way to greater levels of innovation. The network solution company expects that its collaboration with industry leaders such as Apache CloudStackCloudscalingIBM, and Mirantis will create an open cloud architecture that supports a wide range of hypervisors, orchestration systems including OpenStack or CloudStack, as well as a broad choice of underlying physical infrastructure.

OpenContrail would provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Easy integration with existing physical infrastructures because it is based on proven protocols such as XMPP and BGP and leverages the standards work from ETSI and IETF.
  • A stable platform for developers that is not dependent on emerging standards and is more reliable than proprietary networking stacks due to community collaboration.
  • Production-ready codebase that has already been trialed by more than 40 service providers and enterprises worldwide.
  • Integration with a wide range of hypervisors, orchestration systems and physical networking equipment, including: Hypervisor support for KVM and XEN.
  • Most industry switches and routers including Juniper Networks MX, EX and QFX Series
  • Compatibility with both CloudStack and OpenStack, enabling a seamless deployment of private and public clouds.

The use of OpenContrail is available via an Apache 2.0 License. OpenContrail will provide all the components necessary to run a data-center overlay including an SDN controller, virtual router, orchestration API, analytics and management console. The source code and documentation are available at