Juniper Networks Unveils Contrail Security to Help Enterprises Protect Applications in Multiple-Cloud Environments

Global network solutions vendor, Juniper Networks, has launched Juniper Contrail Security – a new security and micro-segmentation solution specifically designed to allow enterprises and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud providers to protect applications running in multiple-cloud environments. 

Organizations worldwide are building and deploying cloud-native applications across public and private clouds “to realize the benefits of scale, flexibility and agility.” As these applications scale, their components are distributed across multiple heterogeneous clouds, which can also inadvertently distribute vulnerabilities and increase the risk of a business-impacting security breach.

juniper networksTo further complicate matters, the perimeter of cloud environments would be blurred, rendering perimeter-based policies ineffective in preventing the lateral spread of threats and creating the need for agile enforcement points that require up-to-date policies. Security administrators would also be burdened with having to manually create and manage myriad security policies across multiple environments and not having clear visibility into how applications interact with each other. According to Juniper Networks, these conditions can lead to applications running in opaque environments with ineffective security and limited scalability.

The Juniper Contrail Security solution would enable an “innovative” response to the heightened risk brought about by today’s cloud workloads and applications. Practitioners would have visibility and control with simplified operations driven by “consistent, intent-driven” security policies that “seamlessly” interoperate with existing security controls and virtual environments.

Enterprises, SaaS Cloud Providers

With Contrail Security, Juniper Networks would be transforming the way enterprises and SaaS cloud providers protect, manage and monitor their cloud-native applications in heterogeneous environments. Contrail Security combined with the automated threat detection and enforcement of Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Networks platform would further fuel the expansion of a “truly” unified cybersecurity platform, able to adaptively respond to any threat.

“Contrail Security is a key step forward in our mission to transform how enterprises and SaaS cloud providers secure their cloud-native applications running in all cloud environments,” said Pratik Roychowdhury, senior director of product management, Contrail at Juniper Networks. “By offering enhanced threat prevention, policy management, visibility and control, and by leveraging our battle-tested Contrail Networking product components, our customers will be able to better protect themselves against threats without compromising scale, performance and interoperability.”

To sum up, Juniper Contrail Security would help enterprises diminish risk to applications running in any cloud environment by enabling automated application traffic discovery with dynamic policy enforcement to stop the spread of inside threats through:

  • Consistent Intent-driven Policy – Streamlining policy creation by enabling administrators to define intent using simple terms that would allow smart micro-segmentation across diverse cloud environments including OpenStack, Kubernetes, bare-metal servers, public clouds and more.
  • Multiple Enforcement Points – Leverages distributed security and networking policies to orchestrate defense and protect applications from threats. For more comprehensive defense, Contrail Security integrates with “next-generation” virtual firewalls “to enable advanced security services and ensure businesses are protected.”
  • Application Traffic Visibility and Advanced Analytics – Delivers visualization, analytics and orchestration across hybrid cloud environments “while reducing risk from unauthorized traffic” with application-to-application flow discovery. Provides “deep” insight into application interactions, leveraging machine learning to detect anomalies and take corrective actions.
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