Justice Through Code – The Big Idea

Watch as Aedan Macdonald, Antwan, and Alissa share their personal stories and experiences with Justice Through Code—a Columbia University program that offers coding skills training to previously-incarcerated individuals. They share how, together with AWS, Justice Through Code has changed their lives on the outside—and how coding has given them a sense of respect and hope for the future.

The Big Idea is a short documentary series that seeks out people who look at the world differently, as they experiment with novel approaches to reinventing industries and lives—not the least of which are their own. There’s a whole world out there that’s ready to be reshaped. All it takes is one big idea.

Learn more:
Columbia University Justice Through Code – https://bit.ly/2MvhJBX
Formerly incarcerated individuals learn to code – https://bit.ly/2YQQ54A
Empowering formerly incarcerated citizens through coding skills training, mentorship, and job support – https://amzn.to/3tzbw8K

More AWS videos – http://bit.ly/2O3zS75
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Duration: 00:07:15
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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