Jut Launches Its Operations Data Hub for DevOps in Open Beta

Start-up company Jut, the Operations Data Hub for DevOps founded by Riverbed co-founder Steve McCanne, has announced the availability of its platform in open beta. Built for people who are constantly looking for clues into what their company’s software is actually doing, Jut is an analytics platform designed to bring together all of a user’s metrics, log and event data in a single place.

Jut enables DevOps teams to visually and in real-time ask questions to understand usage, improve software performance, react faster to anomalies and become predictive. 

“We want to empower DevOps teams with a holistic, unified platform that enables them to correlate all their data,” said Steve McCanne, founder and CEO of Jut.

DevOps teams are tasked with the responsibility of handling large volumes of data that accumulates quickly and requires real-time analysis, but are armed with a myriad of disparate tools that would offer very little insight into how software and systems are truly operating.

To solve this problem, Jut leverages its own dataflow programming language, Juttle, that unifies analytics on live-streaming and historical data with both structured and unstructured data types, meaning users can make any possible query across all their operational data. The platform is built on a unique Hybrid SaaS model designed to give users complete control of their operational data, whether software runs in their public cloud or their data center.

Free to use 

“Just about every business today runs on software. As a result, the health of the business depends on understanding the health of the software – how software performs, how users are interacting with it, where the bottlenecks lie and where it can perform better,” said Steve McCanne, founder and CEO at Jut. “As companies realize that software is core to the business, the people developing the software are in reality developing the business. We want to empower DevOps teams with a holistic, unified platform that enables them to correlate all their data and make bigger decisions about the software that powers the rest of their organization.”

Jut is available immediately in open beta, and is downloadable directly from the website www.jut.io. There is no cost to use Jut at any scale during the open beta period.

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