Kaltura Launches eCDN Plus, Optimizes Video Delivery Behind the Firewall

Video software platform Kaltura has unveiled Kaltura eCDN Plus, an out-of-the-box solution for secured, scalable & high quality delivery of both live and on-demand video content behind the firewall. The solution would maximize the viewing experience by minimizing the traffic burden placed upon the organization’s WAN and reducing latency.

With the addition of Kaltura’s eCDN Plus solution, customers now have full flexibility to deliver VOD and live video both inside and outside the organization in a secured and streamlined fashion. Kaltura eCDN Plus would provide peace of mind to the IT department by decreasing the load on the network, as well as providing a smooth streaming experience to all users, in all locations.

Enterprises can leverage Kaltura’s dual-delivery capabilities to deliver content via eCDN internally and via public CDN externally. Kaltura eCDN Plus can easily scale, starting from a small deployment and growing to an unlimited capacity (unlimited users and unlimited number of locations) as video consumption needs expand. 

How does it work?

video-cdnKaltura eCDN Plus supports both multicast and unicast for a variety of network configurations and settings. Kaltura Streaming Servers are placed in the enterprise’s data-center/s, and facilitate video delivery inside the organization. The Kaltura Edge Servers, connected to the Streaming Servers are located in remote offices or in close proximity to viewers’ locations across the enterprise and deliver the content to the end-users. This would significantly reduce bandwidth overload on the WAN, and allows for more effective delivery of ‘heavy’ video content to the end users.

Kaltura eCDN Plus is the newest addition to Kaltura’s wide range of deployment options – including on-premise, hybrid, and full SaaS deployment. It is based on the Kaltura API and leverages streaming technology by Wowza Media Systems as well.

The new out-of-the-box solution is tightly integrated with the company’s video products, such as the company’s CorporateTube video portal, and integrations with social business platforms (SharePoint, IBM Connections, and Jive), as well as Kaltura’s products for the education market (including integrations with Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, Desire2Learn, and Canvas).