Karl Barker on Cube3, with UKFast

When you consider the term “digital”, it seems a relatively new concept that’s infiltrated into our lives since the turn of the millennium; when everything took a shift to the online world. But a select few of today’s digital agencies were alive and kicking well before the year 2000, and have remained ahead of the game ever since.

Cube3 — founded in the 1990’s — was established as a creative agency based in the heart of Manchester. For well over a decade it has been helping to define and position popular brands by developing their digital platform through the use of websites, apps, social content and broadcast media.

In 2013, it migrated its entire digital platform to UKFast’s eCloud Hybrid.

“Many years ago, I saw an opportunity for a new type of agency that went above the usual creative elements, and was more about integrating communications,” said Karl Barker, CEO of Cube 3.
“The firm is designed to focus on working in partnership with clients to deliver the results they’re looking for with digital projects, so it is critical that data, hosting and our infrastructure is really at the heart of what we do which is why we’ve worked with UKFast.”

Like many digital agencies that look to offer bespoke solutions to suit each of its clients, Cube 3 had a range of different servers with hosting providers all over the world before working with UKFast in 2013.

Duration: 2:16
Publisher: UKFast
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