Keen IO Launches Keen Pro, Enabling Embedded Analytics Anywhere

Keen IO, N analytics platform founded in 2011, has announced the launch of Keen Pro, enabling product teams to segment and embed analytics anywhere with sub-second delivery. With this, Keen enables channel partners to white-label an end-to-end analytics solution in order to empower their customers with analytics.

Today, Keen crunches over 3.5 trillion events per day. With Keen, developers, data engineers, and data scientists would have the custom analytics they need within seconds and can build real-time analytics dashboards in a matter of minutes. Keen investors include Sequoia, Pelion, Rincon, Amplify, TechStars, and 500 Startups.

keen-io“At Keen we understand that companies need fast custom analytics and reporting for their customers without the huge investment in building and maintaining an analytics infrastructure,” said Kyle Wild, Keen IO CEO. “With Keen Pro we enable our customers to deliver analytics to their customers fast, reliably, securely and seamlessly. Now product teams can focus on doing what they do best, delivering good products.”

During Dreamforce2015, Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event, Keen co-founder and COO Dan Kador showcased the power of Keen embedded in Salesforce Analytics in a talk titled “Next Generation: Wave Analytics Platform for Developers and ISVs.”

New features in Keen Pro include:

  • Dashboard Caching – Define queries ahead of time. Keen keeps a user’s cache updated so all queries load sub-second even if there are billions of events, multiple queries, or thousands of concurrent users looking at metrics.
  • Streaming to Amazon S3 – Permanently backup data in real-time and pipe it to AWS Cloud for ultimate flexibility: run SQL queries, custom MapReduce jobs, and more.
  • Account Provisioning API – Programmatically create Keen projects and manage users to deliver white-label analytics for customers.
  • Enterprise Delivery Team – A support team of data scientists, engineers, and architects to help users get it right the first time.
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