KEMP Technologies Announces VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack

KEMP Technologies, a global provider of software-centric and cloud-focused load balancer solutions, has announced that its LoadMaster management pack for the VMware vRealize cloud management solution is now generally available, enabling increased visibility for virtual infrastructure administrators into the performance of distributed KEMP-powered load balancing infrastructures.

Load balancing plays a pivotal role in the successful delivery of applications in dynamic virtual environments. As such, load balancers are in a prime position to offer insight about the health and performance of the applications the underlying infrastructure supports.

kemp-technologiesIn typical deployments, all client requests and responses traverse the load balancer, which enables it to have a holistic view of round-trip communication heuristics. While this data is very valuable in troubleshooting problems and understanding the expected user experience for a given workload, without an intelligent way to capture and display it, the data provides little value to the administrators responsible for the various components of the environment.

VMware vRealize Operations provides intelligent operational insight for administrators, making it easier to automate and manage their environment based on custom and out-of-the-box policies, regardless of the underlying platform. This would lead to improved performance, detection of issues before they become problems, and enhanced visibility about trends in the environment.

vRealize and vCenter

KEMP Technologies was one of the first VMware Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) in the L4-7 application delivery space to develop a management pack for the vRealize cloud management operations predecessor, vCenter Operations, and has continued its contribution to joint customer productivity with a new management pack for vRealize Operations 6.0. This management pack provides visibility into the performance of customers’ distributed KEMP-powered application delivery infrastructures.

cloud-hosting-vmwareBy providing pre-packaged dashboards that display near real-time LoadMaster and VM metrics, virtual infrastructure administrators would gain enhanced access into the health and performance information in one consolidated place. With this information, seemingly unrelated events can be correlated into larger developing problems to proactively handle issues with shorter resolution times. This practical approach to application operations would lead to improved efficiency and cost savings in terms of problem resolution cycles.

“KEMP’s customers by-and-large are using VMware tools for the management, automation and administration of their application infrastructures,” said Peter Melerud, CMO, KEMP Technologies. “By leveraging the various extensibility programs offered by VMware to integrate with these tools, such as vRealize Operations, we’re able to offer additional operational intelligence about application infrastructures and help customers solve the challenges they face in delivering optimal performance for their end customers.”