KEMP Technologies Releases Java API to Automate Application Provisioning

KEMP Technologies, a global provider of software-centric and cloud-focused load balancer solutions, has announced the release of a Java API to automate provisioning deployment of application delivery services. The new Java API builds on KEMP’s existing comprehensive API set, supporting the widely deployed Java environment. 

The new Java API would allow for seamless integration of Kemp Technologies’ LoadMaster into existing management frameworks to drive faster time to market when updating or delivering new services.

kemp-technologiesKEMP LoadMaster is an advanced Layer 2-7 load balancing/application delivery controller (ADC) solution. Flexible deployment options are available on a wide array of hypervisor and cloud platforms, as well as dedicated KEMP appliances and third party ‘bare metal‘ servers.

Hybrid Cloud

For users who have invested in a DevOps methodology, the Kemp LoadMaster can then become an element in their continuous development and deployment delivery model. A developer can use the published API specification to build a customized interface to the LoadMaster, allowing full control of the LoadMaster as an integral component of network based services.

This evolution in programmability of the Kemp LoadMaster extends its existing RESTful API and PowerShell features, allowing administration of multiple instances without manual intervention. This would reduce operational cost and complexity as customers build out their infrastructure adding new LoadMasters to existing networks, into hybrid cloud and their new agile data centers.

KEMP Technologies is focused on supporting customers in highly automated cloud environments,” said Peter Melerud, Chief Marketing Officer for KEMP Technologies. “In striving to support them, we are continuing to integrate with automation orchestration platforms to make service life cycle management easier.”

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