Kemp Technologies Unveils KEMP360 – a Framework for Improved Application Delivery Efficiency

KEMP Technologies, a global provider of software-centric and cloud-focused load balancer solutions, has introduced its early access program for KEMP360 – a framework to help enterprise customers simplify and streamline application delivery management and control.

The KEMP360 framework helps enterprise IT organizations solve common technology challenges by providing application delivery service visibility and control along with centralized management and monitoring of KEMP Technologies’ portfolio of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technologies.

This, in turn, would help application owners meet key business objectives such as operational cost reduction, SLA satisfaction and delivery of optimized quality of experience (QoE) levels to application users. By enabling proactive early detection, diagnosis and resolution of issues, organizations would be able to refocus resources on other areas while optimizing application availability and performance.

kemp-technologiesWith support for application services running in traditional data center deployments or in public clouds like Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud and VMware vCloud Air, KEMP360 would simplify the monitoring, management, measurement, and optimization of application delivery across the enterprise and support customers that are starting or in the midst of data center virtualization or cloud migration.

This simplification of application delivery management would be achieved by offering a single pane view with the Central component of KEMP360 and the proactive application monitoring service, KEMP360 Vision.

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As a whole, the KEMP360 framework provides tools and services to improve operational efficiency and service availability with increased visibility on key metrics related to capacity utilization, uptime and performance.

kemp-technologies“Our closed beta program for KEMP360, which ran through Q3 ’15, helped us learn a lot about our customers, and identify interesting trends”, said Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management, KEMP Technologies. “Overwhelmingly, we found our enterprise and Service Provider customers hyper-focused on improving responsiveness and agility within their IT organizations – a key enabler being cloud adoption for new and existing app deployments. KEMP is committed to enabling customers to accomplish these goals and the KEMP360 management framework will be integrated as a key part of this strategy during 2016.”

For more information about KEMP360 and to register for the early access program, visit their website.