Kmesh SaaS Data Orchestration Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments Generally Available

Multi-cloud data orchestration provider has announced generally availability of its Kmesh SaaS platform to customers including enterprises, cloud service providers (CSPs), and technology vendors. This multi-cloud data mobility SaaS platform includes a data orchestration layer integrated with a Lustre-based HPC file-system.

Kmesh SaaS incorporates all the functionality needed to real-time manage data across cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments. The solution establishes a single namespace for a variety of each customer’s data – including file-system data, HPC data, genomics data, NoSQL data – regardless of where the data resides and where it is used.

To leverage Kmesh SaaS, users can establish their data orchestration policies in the Kmesh SaaS dashboard, enabling their cloud apps, edge apps, and Kubernetes to access the data they need whenever they need it. Because the Kmesh platform was purpose-built on Lustre-powered technology for parallel data synchronization, Kmesh SaaS would bring “supercomputer” performance to the cloud and edge by providing the same IOPS, throughput, latency, and scalability of supercomputer parallel file-systems.

“As enterprises and service providers move more apps to the cloud, they recognize the need to support apps with real-time data that is accurate and unified,” said Jeff Kim, CEO of ” Companies need to synchronize data in a manner that is highly flexible, secure, cost-efficient, and automated. Kmesh is leading the macro transition from centralized data lakes into distributed data ponds across on-prem, multi-cloud, and edge.”

To sum up, Kmesh SaaS’ advanced data mobility technologies includes:

  • Flexible, self-serve data orchestration for virtually any use case across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and edge computing
  • Kubernetes integration for simplified, streamlined deployment of containerized apps across multiple clouds
  • Lustre-as-a-Service to enable the most compute-intensive workloads (HPC)

“As a global CDN, we help customers deliver their content and applications anywhere in the world without the need for expensive server replication,” said John Kang, GM Americas at CDNetworks. “Kmesh SaaS now lets us provide the same level of service when it comes to global data mobility. Customers no longer need to replicate their data sources. They can leave their data in place and let us orchestrate it for them via Kmesh.