KoçSistem drove renewals up to 25% with Cisco Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) program – Partner Success

After joining Cisco Lifecycle Advantage (LCA), KoçSistem drove Cisco Services Renewals up to 25%. With access to insights, installed base data and an automated renewals process, the leading information technology company in Turkey sent 2500 digital notifications and managed 4000 opportunities. They already estimate an increase of 30% for next year. ​

Improve Customer Loyalty and scale Recurring Revenue. Find out how you can benefit from Cisco Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) program. ​

– Join Cisco Lifecycle Advantage LCA: https://cutt.ly/lca-enroll

– Download Digital Partner Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) today free: https://cutt.ly/lca-playbook

Duration: 00:02:58
Publisher: Cisco
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