Kodiak Data Announces Availability of Its StorageCloud Solution

Kodiak Data, an edge-cloud infrastructure company, has announced the availability of StorageCloud – a “high-performance,” on-premises database, storage and big data cloud for private data centers and in-building deployments.

StorageCloud would enable hundreds of data and storage applications to share common infrastructure resources just like the public cloud, but, in private data centers. Standard or clustered storage instances can be deployed with a single click.

data center new jerseyBuilt on Kodiak Data’s Virtual Cluster Infrastructure (VCI) platform, StorageCloud would bring cloud economics to in-building deployment, while pushing performance and service choices to new heights. According to Kodiak Data, significant savings can be achieved from hundreds of data services being deployed on a common infrastructure.

“StorageCloud is the first advancement in Enterprise infrastructure in decades,” said Som Sikdar, CEO of Kodiak Data. “We have pioneered the ‘cloud way’ for Enterprise Storage and broadened it to encompass databases, big data lakes and clustered storage under the same umbrella. StorageCloud in the Enterprise is the perfect alter-ego of MemCloud™, our edge-cloud for Big Data.”

Storage services, such as virtual NAS filers and Ceph; databases, such as Oracle, MySQL; clustered data stores, like Vertica and ClickHouse; NoSQL databases, like MongoDB and Cassandra; and big data lakes with HDFS, are all available via Kodiak Data’s StorageCloud platform.

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