Kodiak Data Launches Memory-Speed Cloud Infrastructure Solution for Big Data Scientists and Software Developers

Kodiak Data, a cluster virtualization technology company, has unveiled a memory-speed cloud infrastructure solution for big data scientists and software developers. The new solution, MemCloud, would provide big data analytic clusters at up to one-fifth the cost and five times the performance of typical leading cloud hosting services.

MemCloud is built on Kodiak Data’s Virtual Cluster Infrastructure (VCI) platform, a solution capable of in-software provisioning of compute, networking, storage and data at the cluster level within minutes. MemCloud is available as a hosted cloud service, as well as a compact on-premise appliance for private clouds.

big data hostingKodiak Data also announced new investments from Data Collective, Divergent Venture Partners, and Aspect Ventures.

“It’s expensive to acquire the computational power needed to push the boundaries and innovate in data science,” said Matt Ocko, Managing Partner of Data Collective. “What impresses me most about Kodiak Data is the simplicity and flexibility of their products which make the power of big data analytics accessible to more businesses.”

According to Kevin Ober, Managing Director of Divergent Ventures, “Kodiak Data is the rare company that both dramatically slashes the operational cost and increases the performance of the entire pipeline of big data deployments – from development to production.”

Kodiak Data‘s hardware-agnostic VCI pioneers data portability for entire big data clusters (such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark and others). VCI would allow MemCloud to deliver Big Data analytic clusters in the cloud “quickly and cost-effectively.”

Learn more about MemCloud here.