Kohls and Datametica Share EDW Workload Migration Tips (Cloud Next '19)

For a mature business, moving their EDW from one platform to another is a generational event. The technical wrangling is hard; however, bringing the various stakeholders along for the ride is even harder. We will dive into some of the broad considerations like the philosophical underpinnings in moving away from a snowflake schema, to some of the tactical considerations in ingesting data into BigQuery, to customer experience considerations for stakeholders of various skills and expectations. Most importantly, we discuss the definition of success and the value of partnerships at multiple levels to achieve it.

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Speaker(s): Samrat Saha, Phil Shelley, Jasvinder Singh

Session ID: DA211
product:BigQuery,Cloud Pub/Sub,Cloud Dataproc; fullname:Samrat Saha;

Duration: 50:1
Publisher: Google Cloud
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