Kubeflow – Tools and Framework (Google Cloud AI Huddle)

In this episode of Google Cloud AI Huddle, Engineering Manager, Abhishek Gupta, goes over the tools and frameworks of Kubeflow. Watch the video to learn more about the team’s mission and goals for the Kubeflow platform.

Google AI Huddle is an open, collaborative and developer-first AI forum driven by Google AI expertise. It’s a monthly in-person engagement where Googlers engage with developers to speak on ML topics, deliver workshops / tutorials, and hands-on labs. AI Huddle is open to all GCP customers, startups and developers interested in learning about Google AI. The Huddle provides:

• Direct avenue to speak with Google experts on real problems they face in their ML and AI projects
• Opportunity to hear about the latest developments from experts and peers in the industry and community
• Engaging technical content and discussions to help address real development problems in ML.

AI Huddle → http://bit.ly/2RPkwmO
Kubeflow → http://bit.ly/2RCtJBX
GitHub Kubeflow → http://bit.ly/2Fi5oej
Kubeflow Slack → http://bit.ly/2FiQIeD
Cloud AI Office Hours → http://bit.ly/2SDnURO

Watch other videos in playlist here → http://bit.ly/2o2TQle
Subscribe to the GCP channel → http://bit.ly/GCloudPlatform

Duration: 32:57
Publisher: Google Cloud
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