Kubernetes Bootstrapper: An Extendable Framework to Set Up Production-Grade Clusters

This video will walk you through the https://github.com/hivenetes/k8s-bootstrapper project that leverages Terraform and Argo CD to set up a “Production-Ready” DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster.

00:00 Introduction
02:39 Project Overview
03:12 DigitalOcean Infrastructure Automation via Terraform
04:50 Bootstrapping using Argo CD
08:25 Setup the Observability stack using Robusta
10:01 Conclusion

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/hivenetes/k8s-bootstrapper
Workshop: https://youtu.be/PfoB2e95VjQ
Presented by

Abhimanyu Selvan, Senior Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean [Twitter: @diabhey]

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Duration: 00:10:49
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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