Kubernetes, GKE, Knative, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

Here to bring you the latest news in the cloud is Google Cloud Developer Advocate Mark Mirchandani.

Learn more about these announcements → https://bit.ly/2DqYqBG

• News to Build on → https://bit.ly/2vb0k4T
• Writing Code, Easier → https://bit.ly/2ILugN5
• Enterprise-Grade K8s → https://bit.ly/2XpeVpx
• Hands-on Knative → https://bit.ly/2IEEK0R

This Week in The Cloud is a new series where we serve you the lowest latency news → https://bit.ly/ThisWeek-inCloud

Tune in every week for a new episode and let us know what you think of the latest announcements in the comments below!

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