Kubernetes Native Solutions for Top Edge and IoT Use Cases with k0s and k0smotron from Mirantis

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Containers and Kubernetes provide a powerful, standards-based toolkit, rooted in open source, for delivering and running applications at the Edge, as well as centrally managing large-scale distributed infrastructure with grace, ease, and reliability. Many now agree that Kubernetes is the future for Edge and IoT, but understanding the containers/Kubernetes stack in relation to these unique use cases can be a formidable challenge.

In this webinar, Mirantis Solution Architect Kevin Ng will discuss some of the major categories of Edge use-cases, enumerate their technical challenges, and describe how Mirantis and our customers are building out a new generation of Kubernetes-native solutions to bring fluency and simplicity to Edge and IoT operations.

We will focus on k0s – the CNCF-validated open source single binary Kubernetes distribution – and its growing set of Kubernetes operators: including k0smotron (for centralized, declarative Kubernetes control plane fleet management), open source Cluster API (for declarative cloud and bare metal infrastructure management), as well as Autopilot (a managed service connected to k0s), an operator enabling declarative configuration of automated, non-disruptive cluster updates across your environments.

Among the Edge scenarios discussed will be:
‣ Distributed retail and POS
‣ Manufacturing control and monitoring
‣ Scientific process management and monitoring
‣ Distributed telecommunications
‣ Specialized Kubernetes applications for remote field, military, and other scenarios

Kevin will detail how aspects of the k0s distro, like control plane/worker separation and encrypted/authenticated worker-to-control plane connectivity, meet Edge use-case requirements for efficiency and risk reduction. He’ll also provide a ‘deep’ demo of how all the Kubernetes-native parts work together. This includes simplifying the bootstrapping process for a secure, production-ready, multi-cluster Kubernetes system using k0s, and how easy managing remote workers at scale can be when leveraging k0smotron.

📈 k0s Quick Start Guide: https://docs.k0sproject.io/stable/
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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Learn K8s – free eBook
0:46 – About the presenter
1:04 – Defining “Edge” and its prerequisites
8:28 – Deep dive: Edge compute use cases
19:16 – Leverage lightweight Kubernetes with k0s
26:26 – Edge/IoT Deployment Example
27:47 – Control plane and multi-cluster management with k0smotron
31:01 – k0smotron + Cluster API = seamless deployment
32:28 – k0smotron Anywhere
32:51 – Live Demo: installing k0s + k0smotron in about 20 minutes
43:35 – Get started with k0s and k0smotron today!
44:25 – Outro

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Publisher: Mirantis
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