Kubernetes vs. Docker: It’s Not an Either/Or Question

One of the most common questions developers seem to ask is whether they should be using Docker versus Kubernetes. Most people have a working knowledge of Docker; it’s really easy to get started and is a great tool for containerization, managing deployments and speeding up development. Most Docker users have heard about Kubernetes, but may be hesitant to move over to a new technology, especially due to the steeper learning curve.

Although a common misconception, Kubernetes and Docker are not opposing technologies. They actually complement one another. Moving to scale with Docker alone poses many challenges. Kubernetes tackles those challenges that emerge with large Docker-based deployments. If you’re already working with Docker, Kubernetes is a logical next step for managing your workloads. In this video, we’ll outline the key advantages of Docker and Kubernetes when used together. Visit: https://ibm.co/2pMkkrR

Duration: 8:4
Publisher: IBMcloud
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