Kyup Announces Availability of Its Container Cloud Hosting Platform

Kyup, a cloud hosting provider started by the founders of SiteGround, has ended the beta period for its secured container cloud hosting platform. The cloud platform has been officially completed and is currently available.

During the beta period, the cloud hosting platform was tested by more than 1,000 users with nearly 3,000 containers deployed. Within three months of beta testing, Kyup has taken the experiences and feedback of beta users to enhance their complete and comprehensive cloud hosting solution into a secure, reliable production-ready cloud environment.

kyup-cloudKyup, formerly known as GetClouder, provides scalable container cloud hosting for businesses and individuals. The Kyup Platform would allow businesses to take advantage of the high-performing capabilities and elasticity of bare-metal Linux containers. Using the latest and most resource-efficient virtualization method, Kyup provides standalone secured containers with SSD storage that allows instant provisioning, auto scaling and high availability.

Their containers do not have to be rebooted when scaled up, meaning that users can add more resources on-the-go with no need to stop and start an instance.

The cloud hosting platform offers three different approaches to scaling:

  • Real-time scaling lets users resize their server effective immediately.
  • Scheduled scaling helps users in case they can predict when they will need to scale a server e.g., on a launch date or promotional events.
  • Rules-based scaling lets users define auto-scaling rules based on custom resource thresholds. The platform would provision and shut down containers in seconds so additional servers can fire up quickly.

“Our goal at Kyup is to make cloud hosting more affordable, redundant and easily scalable for our users, and with the release of the Kyup platform we are able to make this a reality,” said Tenko Nikolov, Kyup Founder and CEO. “We wanted individuals and companies alike to be able to scale their cloud server instantly and use those increased resources for as long as they need to – if you only need more power for an hour, you should be able to get that instantly and scale down the same way when you no longer need it.” 

Kyup is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and for now remains privately held. Its founders have nearly 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry.