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Kyverno is a Kubernetes-native policy engine which allows for validation, mutation, generation, and software supply chain security use cases all without requiring knowledge of a programming language. Kyverno was accepted as a CNCF Incubation project in June 2022 and currently has over 3.3K stars on GitHub and 1B+ image pulls, making it one of the leading open source policy engines.

In this 2-part series, we will start with the basics of Kyverno: what it is, how it is used & why it may be right for your K8s workloads. We’ll also look at the everyday use cases that will help you get started with policy and governance of your Kubernetes clusters.

You’ll walk away from this Talk with an understanding of the core concepts of an admission controller & how to write Kyverno policies declaratively to enforce & audit your clusters for Kubernetes best practices.

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0:00 – Introducing our presenter
0:55 – Agenda
1:34 – Real world problems with Kubernetes configurations
7:04 – How policy management can help solve these problems
10:58 – What is Kyverno?
15:14 – Kyverno & admission control basics
18:53 – Anatomy of a Kyverno Policy
24:41 – Kyverno use cases & best practices
27:46 – Demo: validate your configuration with Kyverno
31:37 – Advanced features of Kyverno (covered in Deep Dive Pt. 2)
33:13 – Nirmarta Policy Manager for Kyverno: Enterprise Offering
34:24 – Recap: Key Takeaways
36:28 – Pt. 2 premieres next Tuesday!
36:57 – Outro

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Publisher: Mirantis
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