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In Pt. 1 (linked above), we talked about the What, Why, and How of Kyverno. Now, taking the tool a step further, Kyverno maintainer, Chip Zoller, will take us through the next steps & latest features.

Chip will discuss:
– How to benefit from the newer features in the latest Kyverno 1.9 release
– How to leverage Kyverno to maintain a secure software supply chain
– How to use Kyverno CLI in your CI/CD pipeline
– How to make sure what’s happening with policies follows best practices

Our next installment is set to premiere a week from Tuesday, March 7th, at 3:00AM PST (due to our friends in EMEA & APAC). If you are interested in more upcoming & on demand Tech Talks from the teams at Mirantis Labs, please visit

0:00 – Introducing our presenter
0:45 – Agenda
1:56 – (Super) Quick overview of Kyverno
5:21 – Mutation (overview)
8:14 – Mutation (demo)
15:17 – Generation (overview)
17:56 – Generation (demo)
22:52 – Image verification (overview)
25:36 – Image verification (demo)
30:14 – Cleanup Policies (new in Kyverno 1.9)
33:10 – Cleanup Policies (demo)
38:35 – Policy Exception (also new in Kyverno 1.9)
42:06 – Quick look at Policy Exception flow
43:06 – Policy Exception (demo)
46:02 – Wrap up/Outro

Duration: 00:46:44
Publisher: Mirantis
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