Lance Crosby’s StackPath Acquires Server Density Merge

StackPath, a provider of secured Internet services including CDN, WAF and DDoS mitigation built “at the cloud’s edge”, has announced the acquisition of Server Density – a provider of proactive infrastructure monitoring for cloud, servers, and websites.

Founded by SoftLayer founder Lance Crosby, StackPath’s services would enable developers at organizations of any size to build protection and performance into any cloud-based solution – from SaaS to web publishing, gaming, media streaming and beyond.

Server Density would enable users to monitor their websites and servers in the cloud or on-premises from a single console and API to “easily” diagnose problems, maintain uptime and maximize server performance. The Server Density service will be integrated and offered as part of the StackPath platform in the very near future.

Moving forward, the Server Density team in London will serve as the core of StackPath monitoring service team and London will become StackPath’s European headquarters.

“Server Density’s HumanOps is a brilliant and long overdue resource for cloud workers and companies,” said Lance Crosby, founder, chairman and CEO of StackPath.

“We’re thrilled to have Server Density become part of our company. It’s a perfect fit,” said Lance Crosby, founder, chairman, and CEO of StackPath, who previously sold SoftLayer to IBM for $2 billion. “StackPath has the highest commitment to providing our customers frictionless services, complete visibility into their solutions, and building strong relationships with the open source community and the industry at large. Server Density has followed the same commitments as it built exceptional technologies that are second to none and grew operations at cloud scale.”

300TB Per Month

The Server Density monitoring agent is installed on millions of servers, collecting more than 12-billion metrics each day. The service has more than 100 official integrations with other solutions and platforms, processes more than 300TB of data per month and has availability probes in more than 28 different geographies. Its 1,000+ customers across 75 different countries span all sizes and industries, such as and including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), eCommerce company Firebox, and online game platform Stormancer.

“We created Server Density out of the frustration that monitoring tools were either too expensive, too complex, or both,” said David Mytton, co-founder, and CEO of Server Density. “It’s gratifying to see how well our tools have been received, not only by customers but by developers and companies that have built on the code that we’ve open sourced. My team and I are excited to bring Server Density into the StackPath platform and accelerate even more evolutionary ways to leverage these technologies.”


In addition to its monitoring service, in 2016 Server Density created HumanOps, a community that gets people talking about the human aspects of running infrastructure. Companies such as Spotify, PagerDuty, Yelp and Facebook have contributed to sharing ideas and best practices for life on call, dealing with technical debt, fatigue and stress at events around the world, including the UK, US, France, Germany, Poland and more.

“HumanOps is a brilliant and long overdue resource for cloud workers and companies. This industry is evolving faster than any before it, requiring operations of unprecedented scale and solutions at unbelievable speed,” added Mr. Crosby. “It takes its toll on people – humans don’t have a 100% uptime SLA. We’re looking forward to doing even more with HumanOps as part of StackPath.”

In December 2015, Server Density raised $1.5 million in seed funding led by SP Ventures. They previously had raised €50k from Seedcamp and funding from angel investors Christoph Janz, Dick Williams, Qamar Aziz, and others. Financial details of the transaction are not being disclosed.