Large-Scale Data Center Migration Completed for London Insurance Market

London, UK

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a Fortune 500 global technology services provider, has successfully completed a major data center migration. In one of the most ambitious data center migrations ever attempted, over 200 business applications, 70 billion rows of data, and 700 pieces of information technology were successfully relocated.

This accomplishment is a key milestone in the multi-year transformation of the world’s largest insurance market. DXC Technology worked closely with the London Market Joint Ventures (XIS and XCS) to achieve this goal.

The move of the data center would boost resilience, security, and agility, while establishing the foundations for future digital transformation and continuous improvement. This migration is a significant milestone in the journey that the insurance industry is taking to the cloud.

This significant endeavor called for significant contributions from a number of important organizations in the insurance industry, such as Lloyd’s of London, the International Underwriting Association (IUA), the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA), and the London & International Insurance Brokers Association (LIIBA). Coordination was also required.

DXC migrated over 70 billion rows of data, 700 IT assets, over 200 mission-critical business applications, and several database types onto a simpler and more powerful on-premise corporate data center solution over the course of a single weekend in February. At the end of April, a period of ‘hypercare’ was successfully accomplished, indicating the conclusion of the migration phase.

500+ Engineers, Technology Partner Network

Over five hundred engineers from across the world and a vast network of technology partners worked together on the migration, which spanned three environments that were considered to be mission-critical: production, disaster recovery, and test service.

The London insurance market is one of the biggest insurance hubs in the world. It would account for 7.6% of the total commercial (re)insurance market worldwide, providing employment for 47,000 people throughout the United Kingdom, and contributing over a fourth of the total GDP to the City of London.

According to Bob James, Chief Operations Officer of Lloyd’s, “Completing the data center migration has been an important confidence builder for the market and puts the technology stack on a much more resilient and better performing cloud-based infrastructure. This, in addition to the delivery of two of the five sequences in the Blueprint Two plan, moves us forward to a better, faster, and cheaper way of doing business in the Lloyd’s and London insurance market.”

“DXC is the trusted technology partner of the London insurance industry, converting it from a system that was mostly paper-based and analogue to one that is digital, efficient, and data-first,” said Chris Halbard, CEO of the London Market Joint Ventures. “By completing this major milestone, we are taking an important step in the market’s digital transformation as part of our wider engagement with the Lloyd’s Blueprint Two program.”

“This complex program is the culmination of years of extensive planning between DXC, the Joint Ventures, representatives from market associations including the LMA and LIIBA, and our customers,” said Andy Evans, Delivery Director, DXC Technology. “In our estimation, this is one of the most ambitious data center migrations in the world, and it’s a testament to the expertise of the teams that it has been completed successfully.”