Largest Internet Exchange (IXP) in Latin America to Deploy Cisco 100 Gbps IP and IP/DWDM technologies

The Brazilian Network Information Center (, the largest Internet Exchange (IXP) in Latin America, has deployed Cisco 100 Gbps (gigabits per second) IP and IP/DWDM technologies to expand the Internet Exchange’s largest facility.

According to the most recent Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast, global IP traffic is expected to increase three fold between 2012 and 2017 because of the increased use of video, mobile and cloud applications. As a scalable solution, the installed Cisco technology will prepare the Brazilian IXP for this growth in IP traffic. It will enable to easily add more 100 Gbps capacity as demand dictates as well as go even beyond 100 Gbps. (Brazilian IXP)

The expanded network covering Sao Paulo and other major cities will include VPLS (virtual private LAN services) and 100 Gbps technologies to help ensure that Brazil’s Internet infrastructure is able to keep up with increasing demand due to economic growth and key international sport events. Integral to these growth plans is the Cisco ASR 9000 Series router for highly resilient and redundant IP connectivity and robust support for IPv6.

Originally engineered for 10 Gbps services, the Sao / backbone, which connects more than 400 autonomous systems from Brazilian states and other countries, has seen a significant increase in bandwidth requirements driven by the growing high-speed Internet service and the number of subscribers in the Brazilian market. The Cisco ASR 9000 with VPLS and IP over DWDM technology met’s requirement for a rapidly deployable solution that could meet its growing Internet Protocol capacity needs without forcing an upgrade to any existing fiber infrastructure.

The solution will also allow a new and redundant network topology to help improve its availability, which significantly reduces traffic losses in the IP network when there are failures in the optical transport layer.

“The Cisco ASR 9000 platform was selected after a long process that considered functionality, performance and physical aspects like rack space and power consumption,” said Eduardo Ascenco Reis, manager for “VPLS together with 100 GE and IP/DWDM is the appropriate solution to meet our scalability, resilient and redundant needs for the coming years.”

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