Latest Arista CloudVision Release Allows Expanded Device Visibility

Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET), a global provider of data center networking solutions, has released the latest version of its CloudVision platform, CloudVision 2019. Part of Arista’s cognitive management plane framework, the new CloudVision platform release would bring new capabilities and integrations, helping customers with “operational cost reduction, risk management, and agility in network operations.”

CloudVision brings advanced capabilities such as centralized provisioning, end-to-end time-series visibility, network-wide topology views, compliance reporting, and analytic-driven event notifications across wired and wireless networks already in the hands of Arista customers. CloudVision 2019 builds on these capabilities with enhancements to this platform, including the following highlights:

  • Hitless change controls – including customizable workflows to orchestrate task scheduling, modal awareness, and live change control monitoring
  • Data plane visibility – including the ability to consume flow-data from sFlow and IPFIX
  • Device Analyzer – providing endpoint inventory and behavioral analysis for all connected devices and helping to proactively identify security threat vectors
  • New topology overlay views – including network events and segmentation mappings
  • Network-wide Search – for tracking down key items across the historical time-series
  • Customizable rules engine – for creating customer-specific network compliance rules and associated events

CloudVision 2019 allows expanded device visibility, including native OpenConfig support. This capability brings network visibility of third-party devices that support OpenConfig into CloudVision.

In addition, CloudVision 2019 supports a new Device SDK for visibility into legacy platforms that do not support OpenConfig. Using this SDK, CloudVision can pull visibility metrics from SNMP-capable platforms, including routers, switches, firewalls, etc., and bring that into the CloudVision apps. This capability allows CloudVision to present a broader and more complete view of the network components.

Integration with Red Hat Ansible Automation

Arista’s CloudVision platform is designed to harness the best-practices of the software-driven operations of these large cloud operators while delivered as a turnkey product for a streamlined path towards network automation.

The latest ecosystem integrations are possible via collaboration with Red Hat Ansible Automation. Building on existing certified CloudVision Ansible Modules and forthcoming certified Ansible Collections, Ansible Playbooks used for a variety of DevOps integration scenarios are now available. CloudVision can both provide control of the Arista estate while still leveraging the broader Ansible framework for multi-vendor configuration and image management.

“Red Hat Ansible Automation is one of the leading DevOps platforms for infrastructure automation,” said Peter Sprygada, Distinguished Engineer, Ansible, Red Hat. “When combined with Arista’s leadership in programmable network software, we are able to bring more agility to network operations and improve efficiency for our joint customers.”


The CloudVision 2019 software release and Ansible Playbooks for CloudVision are in customer trials now and will be generally available in October 2019.

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