Latest HiveIO Hive Fabric Release Brings Enhanced Data Center Management

Hive-LogoHiveIO, a company that transforms commodity data center equipment into a software-defined virtualization solution, has announced version 7.0 of Hive Fabric – its hardware-and vendor-agnostic hyper-converged fabric offering. The new HiveIO Hive Fabric solution would bring enhanced data center management through additional functionality, improved flexibility, and increased scalability.

“Data is a valuable commodity in any business today; however, it’s time-consuming and difficult to obtain while also expensive to gain insights into your business,” said Dan Newton, CEO of HiveIO. “Version 7.0 of Hive Fabric will enable organizations of any size to build and scale their data center without additional cost or operational complexity, while making it easier to collect, access, and manage their data. With Hive Fabric, users can consolidate disparate meta-data into a single stream enabling your IT team to gain valuable insight into their business that leads to innovation and increases ROI.”

New features in HiveIO’s Hive Fabric 7.0 release include:

  • Virtual Server Support – Run multiple mixed-application workloads on a single infrastructure. With extended virtual server support, users can change the operational model in the data center.
  • Shared Storage – Augment the local and In-Memory storage capability of Hive Fabric, with hyperconverged scale-out storage. Hive Fabric automatically manages the creation, presentation, and ongoing management of the storage, which would enable seamless expansion as additional storage resources are added to the cluster.
  • Resource Management – This would simplify the management of the platform through the Cluster Resource Scheduler (CRS) by “intelligently” moving Guest VMs between servers to ensure operational efficiency while sharing resources. CRS provides continuous, automated monitoring of resource utilization across the cluster while ensuring a VM gets access to the resources it needs. CRS would also help to drive down costs in the data center by reducing the amount of hardware required to run workloads.

The foundation to Hive Fabric – the Message Bus – would provide detailed insights into data centers, removing the need for separate management infrastructure, as it is highly extensive and rich with meta-data. According to HiveIO, this “AI-ready” component is the key to unlocking an intelligent data center, formatting and digesting data in real-time, so users can predict and intervene before potential issues impact your IT environment.

“Hive Fabric is poised to break through the current boundaries of traditional data centers and enter the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning through its unique Message Bus architecture,” said Kevin McNamara, co-founder and CTO of HiveIO. “With less time spent managing tickets and outages, IT professionals can leverage an AI engine to provide proactive support, while also making time for the strategic initiatives that lead to innovation and transformation in a digital-era.”