Latest Sunbird Power IQ Release Supports Motion and Proximity Sensors

Sunbird Software

Sunbird Software, a global provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, has announced the general availability of its latest Power IQ  release 7.2. The new release adds support for vibration, motion, and proximity sensors in data center and edge environments.

With Release 7.2, Sunbird Software would enhance Power IQ’s remote management capabilities by supporting motion and proximity sensors within server cabinets and data center rooms by sending alerts based upon vibration thresholds.

“Data center managers must maintain uptime in the face of a variety of potential threats and disasters,” said Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software. “They need a tool that enables them to remotely monitor more than just power and temperature. Power IQ is a complete infrastructure monitoring tool for data centers and edge sites that collects and alerts on data from all types of sensors such as vibration, motion, proximity, and contact closure sensors.”

Disk Drives, Legrand PDUs

Herman Chan
“Data center managers need a tool that enables them to remotely monitor more than just power and temperature,” said Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software.

Users can leverage Sunbird Power IQ’s enterprise-grade data collection engine specifically designed to collect and store measured readings over time to retain and chart historical trends of vibrations. The vibration sensor data can be correlated with disk drive failures to ensure SLAs are met by their colocation providers and ultimately improve uptime.

Combined with Sunbird’s dcTrack Parts Management feature, makes and models of disk drives that have higher probability to fail can be easily identified in every piece of equipment across an organization’s global infrastructure estate.

Additional new features include a Legrand PDU linking feature that would reduce the number of IP addresses and data ports needed to provide dramatic savings in deploying data center and edge IoT.