Law Online May 2010 UKFast Round Table Summary

UKFast May Law Round Table Summary.

What are the key drivers for the legal industry online in 2010?

The key speakers in this session are Richard Parkinson of Pinsent Masons LLP, Fran Eccles-Bech of Manchester Law Society, Joy Kingsley of Pannone LLP, and Graeme Jump of Mace and Jones.

As employers restrict access to Facebook and other social media sites during regular working hours, email is still the number one time waster, according to UKFasts legal industry round table.

Supporting the findings of the Confederation of the British Industry (CBI), personal email and internet use were identified by the panel as replacing sick days as the biggest danger to workplace productivity. Despite companies restricting the use of numerous sites to lunchtimes, finding a balance between acting like a Big Brother-style organisation and preventing essential time wasting is still a key issue.

As 1 in 20 of all divorce petitions filed in England and Wales are now issued online, law firms also must prepare themselves to trade online as well as promote their business through their website. According to the expert panel, the legal community must inspire trust to encourage consumers to do this.

Duration: 2:53
Publisher: UKFast
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