Layered Tech Selected for HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Medical NeurosurgeryRemedy Health Media has selected hosting provider Layered Tech’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud hosting platform to meet the company’s application hosting needs. As a provider of online health information and applications for patients and caregivers, Remedy required a hosting solution that meets the strict data security standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Headquartered in New York, NY and founded in 1994, Remedy Health Media owns communities where information seekers can interact and learn from relatable and accessible experts such as physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and expert patients currently living with a condition.

Intelecare Application Suite

The company publishes its health and wellness content through online properties such as,,,, Intelecare, My MD&Me, Remedy’s Healthy Living, Diabetes Focus and The Johns Hopkins White Papers. Remedy Health Media currently reaches over 175 million health consumers annually through its various digital and print properties. Remedy’s digital advertising products enable marketers to target by condition and prescription in a HIPAA-compliant way in addition to standard demographic data.

Layered Tech, a managed hosting and cloud provider that specializes in compliance management for HIPAA and other stringent IT security regulations, was selected by Remedy to ensure that its applications and IT infrastructure comply with HIPAA data security regulations.

An example of the applications that will be moved to the IaaS cloud hosting platform of Layered Tech, is Remedy’s Intelecare application suite, an application suite that delivers reminders to patients to keep them adherent to prescribed medication and treatment regimens such as prescription refills, checking vital signs and appointments with healthcare providers. Remedy delivers approximately 100 thousand reminders monthly through email and mobile applications.

HIPAA Compliance SLA

“Layered Tech’s mature cloud hosting platform, dedication to compliance and commitment to the security of our users’ data stood out among the hosting providers we considered,” said Jerry Thomas, Chief Information Security Officer, Remedy Health Media LLC.

Remedy is using Layered Tech’s “Layer 4: Compliance Management” service, which features a Compliance Guarantee. This service level agreement (SLA) guarantees clients that their hosted systems will pass every security audit from an accredited auditor. Along with the HIPAA compliant service that Remedy is utilizing, Layered Tech offers comparable services for PCI-DSS compliance and FISMA compliance.

“We are excited to have been selected as the trusted secure IaaS cloud partner for the Remedy Health Media product offerings, and look forward to partnering with them to grow their business,” said Layered Tech Regional Sales Manager Jeff Chester. “We have extensive experience in providing highly secure cloud and hosting solutions supporting compliant needs, and see the partnership as a perfect match.”