LCL Acquires Atos Data Center in Brussels Area in Belgium


Atos partners with data center company LCL for Atos’ Belgian data center in Huizingen, near Brussels. LCL is investing a total of 5.5 million euros in the acquisition and modernization of this data center infrastructure. LCL will hire two extra people and then run the data center with its team.

LCL takes over the Atos data center in Huizingen with immediate effect, and will continue to invest in the coming year in order to operate the data center at Tier 3 level, the same level of the other LCL data centers that are located in Brussels West (Diegem), Brussels East (Aalst) and Antwerp.

The Atos data center in Huizingen will be LCL’s fourth location and its third in the Brussels area. LCL includes the data center in its portfolio under the name ‘LCL data center Brussels South’. The new data center is fully occupied by Atos and its customers, so there is no room for other parties today. However, there would be room to expand.

Laurens van Reijen
“We are happy to welcome Atos into this ecosystem. We always work together as partners with our customers,” said Laurens van Reijen, CEO of LCL.

“The data center is an important component of our cloud strategy and hybrid cloud services,” said Patrick Hendrickx, Director Infrastructure and Data Management at Atos Benelux. “Atos’ focus is on IT services and secure digital platforms. Building and managing a data center is a specialization in itself and requires very specific expertise. That’s why we looked for a professional colocation partner for our data center in Huizingen, who will take care of the management of the data center and allow it to evolve according to the highest standards. Although Atos retains ultimate responsibility for the total services provided to its customers.”

Atos Belgium

“We always work together as partners with our customers,” said Laurens van Reijen, CEO of LCL. “We send them leads, or relevant suppliers when they are looking for certain services; we do co-creation; in short: we think along with them. Our customers are included in our ecosystem, consisting of telecom operators, service providers/systems integrators, and corporate as well as government organizations. We are happy to welcome Atos into this ecosystem.”

“After a process with various parties our choice fell on LCL. In each of the conversations we immediately felt the professionalism of our discussion partners, the attention to detail and long-term thinking, and the sense of innovation around their services,” added Mr. Hendrickx. “As with LCL, customer satisfaction is an obsession for Atos, as evidenced by our high scores in the Whitelane IT Outsourcing studies of recent years. For three years in a row, Whitelane has ranked Atos Belgium number one in Belgium for customer satisfaction in Datacenter and Managed Infrastructure Services. We are very proud of these results and we are convinced that we can continue to deliver them best with LCL as a partner”.

“We not only want to grow through the expansion of our existing data centres, but also through data centers at additional locations,” added Mr. Van Reijen. “The fact that a listed company such as Atos, world leader in digital transformation, chooses LCL confirms our leadership in the Belgian market. We owe it to ourselves to make the additional – continuous – investments that LCL is making in this fourth data center location. After all, LCL is, and wants to remain, the reference in terms of the highest quality of data centers. In this way, we ensure that our customers’ infrastructure is always up to date.”

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