Learn How IDEAYA Biosciences Used Machine Learning to Increase Speed of Innovation with AWS

IDEAYA Biosciences is a clinical-stage precision medicine oncology company that uses an innovative treatment called “synthetic lethality” to fight cancer. Founded in 2015, IDEAYA’s current mission is to grow their team of 100 employees to 150 within the year. Because precision medicine generates large amounts of data, the entire industry has struggled to find systems that can help automate and integrate their data, freeing their teams to focus on research.

Watch the video to learn how IDEAYA was able to use AWS services—such as Amazon Aurora, Glue Jobs, catalogs, S3 buckets, and cloud formation templates—to automate data, incorporate machine learning tools, and increase their speed of innovation. After partnering with AWS, IDEAYA also recommends that other companies, even small ones, invest in data, security, and technology from the beginning so that they can continue to rapidly grow and innovate.

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