LeaseWeb Adds Resell Functionality to Its Global CDN Built for High-Bandwidth Capacity

LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting brands in the world with more than 60,000 physical servers under management, has announced new opportunities for resellers to capture additional revenue streams. Its subsidiary LeaseWeb CDN has now added resell functionality to its high-capacity content delivery network (CDN), enabling service providers to easily deploy and resell the LeaseWeb CDN services.

Through an easy-to-use control panel and a full set of APIs, LeaseWeb Partners will be able to take advantage of the growing demand for online video and high-volume rich media content by offering their customers a global CDN service built for high-bandwidth capacity.

leaseweb-cdnThe new resell functionality of LeaseWeb CDN is targeted at value added resellers (VARs), IT consultants, web agencies, systems integrators, and managed services providers, amongst others, and is available through selective programs of the LeaseWeb Partner Network (LPN).

The added resell functionality would accelerate and simplify CDN enablement for LeaseWeb Partners by providing straightforward configuration and management capabilities as well as RESTful APIs.

SuperPoPs around the globe

The pure SSD-powered CDN is an open source-based solution developed in-house that was initially launched in 2013. The CDN runs on a growing number of SuperPoPs around the globe with vast amounts of compute and caching power. LeaseWeb CDN now consists of strategically placed PoPs in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

These CDN SuperPoPs, so named by LeaseWeb because of their extensive capacity, have a direct connection to a worldwide IP backbone comprised of 52 Points of Presence (PoPs), 33 Internet Exchanges (IXs), and 4.0 Tbps of capacity, which is one of the largest networks of its type in the world.

global-cdnRecently, an Asia-based CDN SuperPoP in Singapore was added to the existing SuperPoP locations in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Manassas, and San Jose, which increased the LeaseWeb CDN total bandwidth capacity to 500 Gbps. Within one month, a new SuperPoP will go live in Miami, which will enhance performance for Latin American end-users.

Real-time monitoring

LeaseWeb CDN supports HTTP live streaming (HLS) and pseudo streaming for video on demand (VoD). The codecs currently supported include HLS / HSS, MP4, H264, Flash Video (FLV), VP8 (WebM), VP9 (WebM), and Smooth Streaming. It’s not only a high-speed, high-capacity CDN infrastructure. Other important features of the solution include real-time monitoring statistics to optimize content distribution; instant purging to ensure accurate data delivery; advanced origin protection to shield against DDoS attacks; and API-driven feature development to ensure enterprise integration.