LeaseWeb Bundles Video Transcoding Services with its Global CDN for Live Video Streams

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands delivering dedicated servers, cloud and more, has launched a new cloud-based video transcoding service for customers of its global content delivery network (CDN). LeaseWeb announced the new service at IBC2016, a global content delivery event.

“LeaseWeb transcoding offers on-the-fly conversion of streaming media to all video platforms, automatically encoding formats and adjusting bitrates to ensure the highest-quality viewing experience on any device,” said Julien Lehmann, product manager, LeaseWeb CDN B.V. “LeaseWeb developed a fully custom in-house solution designed to meet the precise transcoding needs of our video streaming customers. We housed it in the LeaseWeb cloud, which allows us to reduce customer costs while also deploying and scaling very quickly to meet changing needs.”

LeaseWeb’s transcoding centers capture live feeds via IP using TCP or RTMP protocol, converting them for adaptive streaming. Transcoding provides file-based conversion to hundreds of web and broadcast codecs:

  • Input Codecs & Formats – MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS), MPEG/H.262, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 AAC, Dolby Digital, MPEG Audio
  • Output Codecs & Formats – MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, MPEG-4 AAC, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Microsoft Smooth, MPEG-DASH

leaseweb cdnThe LeaseWeb CDN would offer hardware and network optimization with a strong focus on lowering costs. Globally-distributed, “high-performance” SuperPoPs are connected with the global LeaseWeb network, with content stored on edge nodes for quick delivery to end users. To ensure proximity to customer events, the transcoding centers are located inside LeaseWeb data centers in Amsterdam, Singapore, Frankfurt and Washington DC.

The LeaseWeb transcoding solution is available with usage base, “pay as you go” pricing. There are no advanced commitments and services are billed at actual usage. All content would be secured, fully redundant, and backed by 24/7 monitoring and technical support.

The announcement follows the news that DJ Hardwell delivered a ‘world first’ fan experience in dance music using live-transcoding and offering a “high-performance” video streaming in VR quality to any device, anywhere in the world. Now LeaseWeb has expanded its offerings by launching this service globally.

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