Leaseweb Cloud Connect Now Includes Google Cloud Capabilities

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Global hosting and cloud services provider Leaseweb has expanded its Leaseweb Cloud Connect solution to include Google Cloud. It allows for “fast, secured” connectivity to Google Cloud from select Leaseweb data centers in Europe, the United States, and Singapore. Leaseweb has also implemented Leaseweb Cloud Connect services in its FRA-10 data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

The news comes after Leaseweb unveiled Leaseweb Cloud Connect for AWS late last year, along with a plan for adding other public cloud providers. Leaseweb Cloud Connect allows users to securely connect Leaseweb hosting and cloud infrastructure to Google Cloud or AWS without having to go over the Internet. Clients may choose from multiple connectivity speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, based on their budgets and project needs.

Photo Nikolaos Koletsas, product manager at Leaseweb Global
“The new update provides fast and secure connections to both Google Cloud and AWS,” said Nikolaos Koletsas, product manager at Leaseweb Global.

“The pandemic has greatly increased the amount of data organizations are handling to conduct day-to-day business operations. Early adopters of hyperscaler solutions are increasingly looking to balance workloads between private and public infrastructure to scale their business without compromising data,” said Nikolaos Koletsas, product manager at Leaseweb Global. “The new update provides fast and secure connections to both Google Cloud and AWS allowing businesses to use a public cloud for development, PaaS functions, one-off workloads, and big data platforms and Leaseweb’s infrastructure for business-critical applications and associated data or specific production environments.”

AdTech, MarTech, Gaming, SaaS

Leaseweb Cloud Connect is suitable for all companies. According to Leaseweb, it would especially be beneficial to start-ups and small businesses (SMBs) in the AdTech, MarTech, Gaming, and SaaS sectors who are currently utilizing public cloud providers but want to increase their company rather than their costs.

Leaseweb operates 20 data centers in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. The company’s services include public cloud, private cloud, dedicated servers, colocation, content delivery network (CDN), and cybersecurity services.