LeaseWeb Expands its CDN Solution with 4 SuperPoPs in US and Europe

LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting providers in the world with more than 60,000 servers under management, has enhanced its Content Delivery Network (CDN) with four high-powered points of presence (SuperPoPs) in Europe and the U.S., which utilize Enterprise SSDs for advanced file and video caching.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, LeaseWeb has offices in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and the U.S.

Strategically placed in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., each new SuperPoP currently offers 100 Gbps of bandwidth capacity, increasing the CDN’s total capacity to 400 Gbps. These new SuperPoPs are part of the LeaseWeb network, one of the world’s largest IP networks, connecting 27 PoPs across the globe. Adding SuperPoPs to the CDN marks the first expansion phase of LeaseWeb’s file and video caching solution that was initially launched four months ago.

SuperPoPs in Asia

LeaseWeb plans to aggressively further expand the CDN infrastructure over the course of 2014. In the next phase of development the hosting provider will deploy strategically placed SuperPoPs in Asia.

“Since we entered the CDN market last June, we have seen our data delivery grow by more than eight times, so we had to quickly scale our operations upwards,” said Ignacio Manrique de Lara, Manager CDN at LeaseWeb. “This first expansion now actually positions us as one of the ten largest CDNs in the world in terms of bandwidth capacity.”

New CDN functionality

During the first expansion phase of its Content Delivery Network, LeaseWeb has also been adding numerous new features and upgrades to the CDN solution – of which the software has been developed in-house. New features include:

  • Addition of an intuitive control panel with real-time monitoring statistics allowing customers to optimize their content distribution
  • Instant purging of content to ensure continuously accurate data delivery
  • Advanced origin protection to shield against DDoS attacks
  • Full redundancy and high-scalability due to double-deployed infrastructure and Geo-DNS

Manrique de Lara: “Feedback from our existing customers and prospects so far has been very positive. The control panel lets them easily create push and pull zones, while purge requests are sent and executed instantaneously. Our customers were also pleased with the advanced monitoring statistics, which are delivered real-time.”

White-label CDN

“During the next phase of development we will not only deploy strategically placed SuperPoPs in Asia,” Manrique de Lara adds. “We will also increase the features of our CDN with for example the supply of additional analytics, to provide customers with more end-user insights. We also want to broaden the options for resellers to white-label our CDN.”

LeaseWeb CDN is available in two options, namely Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise. Pay-as-you-go provides flexibility with minimal upfront costs and no long-term commitment. Enterprise would offer high-volume customers substantial cost savings over the Pay-as-you-go pricing, as well as options to tailor the platform to meet specific requirements. A 100% uptime SLA is included with both options.

Both CDN solutions support HTTP live streaming (HLS), pseudo-streaming for video on demand, and the most popular codecs, including MP4, H264, Flash video (FLV), and VP8 (WebM). This makes LeaseWeb CDN suitable for gaming, video streaming, and software distribution industries, amongst others.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO