Leaseweb Expands Worldwide CDN Services with Launch of Multi-CDN

Leaseweb, a large Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider delivering public, private and hybrid cloud, colocation, dedicated servers, CDN services and more on a truly global scale, has announced the launch of its new content delivery network (CDN) innovations – a multi-CDN and private CDN. The new Leaseweb CDN services would include multiple innovative features for users within the entertainment and ecommerce industries.

Within the surging CDN solutions market, multi-CDN is a relatively new phenomenon. Such CDNs are built to form a federation of several content networks, allowing publishers to scale up their overall capacity or expand their global reach by adding Points-of-Presence (PoPs) to the network where a single CDN may be lacking coverage.

Most current multi-CDNs on the market have a limited feature set and require manual configuration, according to Leaseweb. This led Leaseweb to expand its already extensive global service offerings with this “next generation” multi-CDN platform. The multi-CDN delivers “best-in-class” performance through personalized configuration, unified reporting, and extensive security functionality. By offering a single control panel, the Leaseweb multi-CDN solution would help Internet companies overcome the management and cost issues of running multiple CDNs simultaneously.

“For many of our customers in the field of entertainment and e-commerce the user experience is key and CDNs are crucial in achieving this,” said Julien Lehmann, Managing Director at Leaseweb CDN. “As the use of multiple CDNs gains broader adoption by the market, we decided to make a strategic move from offering our CDN platform to giving direct access to our CDN expertise. This way we can act as a trusted partner and propose the best multi or hybrid CDN solution to our customers in a transparent manner.”

Private CDN

In addition to the multi-CDN offering, Leaseweb is also offering the possibility of integrating a managed private CDN. A private CDN is a dedicated network which would be ideal for customers with specific requirements.

This new private CDN service would be in line with the hybrid strategy of Leaseweb, giving customers the power to combine a public and a private CDN via one self-service customer portal.

With more than 80,000 servers under management while operating 17 data centers at locations across Europe, North America, and Asia, Leaseweb is serving a worldwide portfolio of 17,500 customers ranging from SMBs to Enterprises. Backed by a high-volume worldwide network with a total capacity of more than 5.5 Tbps (!), Leaseweb offers its ever-expanding services through various subsidiaries in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, U.S., Australia and Asia (Singapore).

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