Leaseweb Hires New CDN Executive from CenturyLink

Leaseweb, a global provider of cloud hosting, dedicated servers, CDN solutions and more, has hired Wilfried Dudink as managing director of its CDN operations. In this position he is responsible for further expansion of Leaseweb’s CDN activities. Prior to joining Leaseweb, Mr. Dudink spent seven years at CenturyLink, where he focused specifically on CDNs, website acceleration and media distribution in EMEA.

“Our CDN division has traditionally provided customers with a reliable content distribution platform. However, there is still a lot of untapped potential,” said Con Zwinkels, CEO and co-owner of Leaseweb. “This applies both to our global network and the ability to combine services. Wilfried is the right person to take these activities to the next level and show customers what a CDN can do for them.”

Wifried Dudink
“CDNs are becoming increasingly important for the success of Leaseweb customers,” said Wilfried Dudink, the new managing director of Leaseweb’s CDN operations.

Wilfried Dudink has over 25 years of experience in the ICT sector. Prior to CenturyLink, Mr. Dudink worked for Deutsche Telekom, Telia International Carrier and Limelight Networks, among others. At these companies he gained market and product experience with CDNs and network infrastructures. Dudink was also chairman of the board of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

“I believe that Leaseweb is excellently positioned to provide customers with the right combination of hosting solutions they need to be successful. For me it’s great to be able to assist in further expanding these business activities,” said Wilfried Dudink. “CDNs are becoming increasingly important for the success of our customers. This is the result of exponential growth of live and on-demand video, gaming, eSports, IoT traffic and downloads. All that content must be readily available from any location, and the delivery must be accompanied by an optimal user experience. Leaseweb makes this possible with its new Multi CDN platform, which invariably uses the best connected Points-of-Presence of the CDN network. This allows for transfering content with the lowest latency possible.”

CDN, Cloud and Servers

Leaseweb’s CDN services would utilize a combination of “leading” local and global content delivery networks, including Leaseweb’s own CDN, with a “state-of-the-art” switching platform and technology partner solutions. This would result in an optimal supply of media, game content and downloads. The CDN offering includes a Multi-CDN and a dedicated Private CDN.

Leaseweb manages more than 80,000 server. The company has 20 data centers in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Leaseweb‘s range of services includes include public cloud, private cloud, dedicated servers, colocation, CDN, and cyber security services. Its hosting solutions are supported by a global network backbone with a total capacity of over 6 Tbps.